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Indigenous Advisory Services

Indigenous Relations Consulting Group Building Bridges Between Engaging Companies and Indigenous Communities

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Indigenous Engagement Advisors

Unlock the power of the Indigenous Economy for your next project with a qualified and experienced Community Consultant

Indigenous Omega Consulting


At Indigenous Omega consulting we believe in protecting Indigenous sovereignty and community agency. We believe in reconciliation through education, training, and consultation on a community-based philosophy. We use this approach to bridge the gap between engaging companies and Indigenous communities to encourage long-term healthy nation-to-nation relationships. At Indigenous Omega we are committed to the highest standard of community and client care. We look to standards put forth by the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Calls for Action as the minimum required standard and strive to the highest level of engagement, education, training and consultation. 

At Indigenous Omega we do not believe in a pan-Indigenous approach to education, training or engagement. Our programming is community specific and this allows us to make those meaningful and long-term nation-to-nation agreements. Through this community-based approach we respect the original governing bodies of Indigenous communities, respect Indigenous sovereignty and respect community agency.

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