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We are committed to protecting Indigenous 

sovereignty and Community agency


Negotiation and Project Management support


Build an Engagement Training program to work with your community

Our Promise To Communities

To the communities that are interested in working with us we are committed to protecting Indigenous Nations sovereignty and the agency of communities as our top priority. We advocate most passionately for the interests of Indigenous communities and the protection of Indigenous Sovereignty. Our goal in every project is to ensure every community has an active voice in the projects that are taking place in their territory. 

The services we offer to the communities who are interested in working with us include supporting the presence of your community in the management of any and all projects in your territory. Also, we offer to work with you to build Training programs that companies are required to complete in order to begin any work in your territory. 

These programs have been shown to not only bring awareness to the cultural significance of the land but also foster much better relations for future work.

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